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Tried to make memorization easier.



EazyCal is a calendar app designed for busy freelancers to manage their schedules quickly and easily. It allows users to easily manage work tasks, side projects, part-time jobs, personal schedules, and more in one place. With the convenient quick-add feature, users can pre-register desired events and effortlessly add new events with simple gestures when needed. Additionally, the app syncs the calendar and reminders, streamlining the process for users to check everything in one place. Try EazyCal for more detailed and simplified schedule management!



FODI is an app that makes it easy to create K-pop dance formation note.

Every dancers performing K-pop cover dance makes a dance formation note to master formation changes which is as important as the choreography. To make that note, they need to watch the official dance video to capture the movement.
FODI provides a formation selection of K-pop dance formations based on the number of people in the team. And it allows the users to quickly organize the movements with a single tap. To make sure everyone on the team understands how their position changes, we have been supporting animation feature. It allows the users to simulate a realistic movement.



The Ultimate Team Collaboration Tool- Gridy

What does a true collaboration tool look like? What kind of tools will future generations prefer? Gridy is a product designed to answer these questions. It supports the collaborative process towards achieving goals in various ways.
Currently, in the Preview stage, Gridy optimizes the 'roadmapping' experience, often the first task in designing a project. It is used to sketch out the project blueprint and understand the current status. We have targeted this feature for market entry because we believe it is an area that other competing tools do not adequately address.
Using Gridy to create and modify project roadmaps can reduce the time spent by more than 90% compared to Excel. Colors that match the structure and hierarchy are automatically arranged, making the information easy to read and organized. Additionally, when it’s necessary to share information with someone, Gridy enables you to extract and present the data in an understandable way.



Linable is the most convenient way for all football enthusiasts to compose their team lineups.
Linable was inspired by the joy and excitement of jotting down football lineups in notebooks during school days. Linable focuses on the value of 'lineups' in football. It brings the imagination of football fans to life with unique and distinctive lineups. Through Linable, showcase your one-of-a-kind lineup.


Health & Fitness

⦁ Do you ever get bored just looking ahead and checking time and distance while running?

We didn't want our running journey to be just numbers. Instead, we wanted it to be lively records. We aim for my running records to be more than simple data but to keep inspiring with visual art even after the run.



Seta is a service to collect and share setlist.



SoccerBeat is a Game-like sports application for soccer player to record and review soccer game performance with objective data. In apple watch, players check the progress of the game time, and monitor real time game data. After the play, soccer players are able to review soccer data. Information is presented in the form of graphs and reports with background music and lively sound effects for providing a more immersive app experience.

Split it!


Split-it provide smarter Split to users.
To focus on people rather than money.

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Social Networking

Let's create a space to provide baseball fans with hard-to-watch KBO league videos on the live broadcast screen!


Social Networking

We focused on consumption, starting with discoveries such as conspicuous consumption and decision-making disorders that occur in everyday life among many financial lives. I found that there are so many services tailored for adults, but none focused on spending concerns just for teenagers. So we created Wote., a spending concern voting service that helps young people establish their spending identity by asking their peers about their spending concerns. Why don't you vote with Wote., your spending concerns?


Social Networking

Yonder is a small social network platform that helps connect people who enjoy street performance with performing artists.



Introducing our sophisticated presentation enhancement application, highpitch, designed to deliver immediate, data-driven feedback to elevate the presenter's proficiency. Our software offers a comprehensive suite of functions for instantaneous feedback, encompassing intonation analysis, filler word detection, speech rate evaluation, and time management system. Moreover, we provide users with a comprehensive presentation analysis, offering in-depth insights into filler word usage and speech pace. Beyond feedback, our user-friendly menubar extra seamlessly transitions presenters into practice.
Furthermore, we present users with an interactive script, where each element is clickable, enabling users to playback the corresponding segments of their presentation. Elevate your presentation skills to the next level with our state-of-the-art application.



In schools utilizing Apple School Management (ASM) in Korea, classes are conducted using Numbers instead of traditional paper textbooks and worksheets. Unfortunately, Numbers lacks the capability to arrange multiple PDF pages at once, leaving teachers to manually edit them one by one. To address this inconvenience, we have created iWaver, a solution that effortlessly loads multiple PDF files and arranges them in your desired layout. iWaver has already received significant support and encouragement from teachers.

OX Quiz


No team has ever done this before! 10,000 users in 3 days. Simple but powerful app that turns short-term memory into long-term memory for passing the civil servant exam. It's popular because it was designed and built by team members who actually prepared for the exam. Try it out and see for yourself why so many book publishers are calling us.

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Nomad Wallet


NomadWallet, voice-based Travel Ledger for backpackers. Effortlessly log your expenses as you explore, and let AI categorize them based on your voice inputs. With real-time GPS tracking and automatic currency conversion, it's the ultimate hassle-free way to manage your budget on the go. Just speak and edit anytime, anywhere.


Health & Fitness

‘MyMomii’ is a menstrual cycle app for women with developmental disabilities.

It provides a simple, image-based menstrual cycle input and confirmation process, and is designed to be easily accessible to people who have difficulty expressing themselves. It also has an intuitive design that is different from existing text-centered menstrual apps, making it easier and more enjoyable for women with developmental disabilities to manage their own menstrual records.

We look forward to making menstrual recording an enjoyable experience for more women through ‘MyMomi’.



MERY is a marital Q&A App for bride & groom-to-be. With MERY, they can share their thoughts and have conversation about various subjects such as finance, child, and sex life.



People who farm as a hobby do not know the timing of crop management, and it is difficult to find information. Based on information from the Rural Development Administration, users can only view the agricultural work schedule of the crops they need.



BISDAM is an app that helps daily conversations between hearing-impaired and hearing people.
Don’t worry, even if you experienced awkward pauses in conversations while using written language, or a situation where the hearing person is unfamiliar with reading written language, BISDAM is here to make those uncomfortable conversations flow more smoothly.
When you show the screen of a written message to the opponent, BISDAM will show what the hearing person is saying by converting the voice into text. You can replace a phrase that you frequently use into a text shortcut to quickly type in and check the history of the conversation you are having at the moment. You can also easily start a conversation by using the history which had located at the same place.
Whenever you are asking for directions, shopping, or ordering food, experience the ease of natural conversations with BISDAM in every moment of your daily life.


Health & Fitness

Exercise Influencer's Workout Journal Subscription Service



The easiest start of baby food for beginner parents who are new to parenting in this life! The baby food planning app based on ingredients information, Solidner

Oh! My Chores


Let’s make a list of household chores and check who will do those and when. ‘OMC!’ makes it clearer what needs to be done and prevents it from being done twice. And also, you can manage your time doing the chores efficiently.



Orum is a Hangul education app for foreigners.

‘Fast'- Orum adopts different teaching methods for each component of Hangul to help users learn Hangul quickly.
'Precise'- Orum focus not only on learning quickly, but also on teaching the right things.

Learn Hangul, the world's most scientific and organized writing system, in an easy and fun way with Orum!
"Let's Orum!"


Health & Fitness

ONBOM shows a personalized contents based on user information, provides information proactively, creates documents for them to apply, sends reminders, and helps users find the nearest welfare centers.

We proposed a completely new approach in preparing documents for long-term care insurance classification applications. Upon receiving feedback from the head of the Long-Term Care Insurance Center and relevant authorities, we obtained a very positive response. Going beyond simply filling out forms, the method of dynamically adding and removing questions based on the user's situation, automatically, represents an area that was previously impossible with traditional document processing.

We leveraged the technology that Apple possesses to make this possible.

Printing Street


It helps people find printing shops that meet requirements through images.



From setting your meetings to facilitating them, ITDA helps you every step of the way.

According to a research, 440 thousand hours are being spent on meaningless meetings. To reduce exhausting and meaningless meetings, ITDA was created. Meetings with no agendas or goals, or no time management should stop! Before your meeting, you can prepare by setting detailed agendas and organizing the order of them. Use a timer to adjust the meeting time or check the remaining agendas at a glance to check the progress.

ITDA will help you facilitate efficient meetings.

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ZAPASS helps Koreans traveling in Japan to enter Japan, various tourist destinations, and reserve Shinkansen tickets, all promptly with convenience.


Food & Drink

All the information about Makgeolli (Korean traditional Rice Wine) is in my hands. Julook empowers people to enjoy Makgeolli.
Remember your favorite Makgeolli, and try Makgeolli that others have enjoyed.



Carmu is an app designed to address communication issues between drivers and passengers, making shuttle usage more convenient.

“I kept waiting because I didn’t know where the driver was.”
“It’s uncomfortable and dangerous to communicate while driving.”
“It's unclear whether to leave or wait for an absent passenger.”
“I felt sorry to announce not being able to board or being late.”

Have you been stressed about these concerns? Now, you can easily communicate your situation with Carmu!
You can check the current location of the shuttle bus and whether passengers will board.



For the day when blind people can choose the job they want. There are only a few jobs that blind people in society can choose. Use CODINGDONG to provide equal educational opportunities. Traditional fairy tale-linked coding education using VoiceOver function can cultivate potential computing thinking skills of low-visibility blind students in the lower grades of elementary school. It also allows visually impaired students to dream of their role as leading makers in the digital society.



Individuals with ADHD often require significant effort and experimentation to find an effective treatment for themselves. This app aims to assist patients in easily recording their daily experiences with medication, facilitating the accurate communication of symptoms to the doctor. Ultimately, it seeks to expedite the discovery of a more personalized and effective treatment approach.



Cafe owner’s day is hectic. AI marketer Postkit takes over the social media marketing tasks so that the cafe owner can focus on important tasks. If you choose the keyword without worrying about how to write, GPT-4 turbo will quickly generate the contents. Even an algorithm that combines hashtags with high exposure when you enter a region name! Now focus on running a cafe. Leave the annoying marketing writing to Postkit.



PICDA wanted to solve the difficulty of diary writing with the keyword of curiosity. From classic masterpieces to crayon drawings that look like a child's work, PICDA lets you enjoy your journals in a variety of ways. The drawings are kept in an album. Write your day, imagine what kind of picture will be drawn by PICDA!



When it comes time for a child to become independent, it is natural for parents to worry, and it is natural for the child to want to be free from that worry. Share the child's experience while respecting your child's independence. This app allows children to write their own schedule, take photos of special moments they experience during that schedule, and the records can be shared with the parents. Shared photos automatically record your child's current location. Follow your child's journey behind one step.


Games - Action

Enjoy a one-finger Hack & Slash casual action mobile game on a cyberpunk cat planet.

HeroDaNyan is developing a game that users can feel like "a game they want to play every day even if they play only 5 minutes a day."
Aiming to create a new style of "easy" Hack & Slash, it provides a random skill system combination while maintaining a fast tempo of action during games.

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