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Chaekyung Kim(Chaekie), Changgyo Seo(Kio), Jae Ung Jang(Ung), Jieun Lee(Jini), Jujin Jeong(Juju), Taehyun Jo(Byo), Yealin Jo(Oling)

FODI is an app that makes it easy to create K-pop dance formation note.

Every dancers performing K-pop cover dance makes a dance formation note to master formation changes which is as important as the choreography. To make that note, they need to watch the official dance video to capture the movement.
FODI provides a formation selection of K-pop dance formations based on the number of people in the team. And it allows the users to quickly organize the movements with a single tap. To make sure everyone on the team understands how their position changes, we have been supporting animation feature. It allows the users to simulate a realistic movement.

Used skills in this project

SwiftUI, UIKit, Combine, Xcode cloud, XCTest

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