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Q. Who is eligible?

A. The Apple Developer Academy @ POSTECH welcomes all applicants 19+ from any background; coding skills are not required. Applicants from tech, design or other expertise are welcome to apply.

Q. Are non-majors also eligible?

A. Yes, the Academy welcomes applicants from all fields. We nurture versatile T-shaped professionals with deep expertise in one area and broad knowledge across disciplines. Our interactive learning environment encourages collaboration and multidisciplinary learning. For example, non-IT backgrounds like economics or piano can become junior developers, and developers can explore design and app business. We promote continuous learning and diverse skill development at the Academy.

Q. Is it possible to reapply?

A. Non-finalists from the previous year can reapply the following year. However, re-application within the same year is not allowed. For example, Cohort 2024 applicants can apply for Cohort 2025, but Cohort 2025 batch 1 applicants are not allowed to reapply for Cohort 2025 batch 2.

Q. Is it possible to join the academy as a full-time employee/student?

A. Applicants aged 19 or above, without travel restrictions, can apply for the Academy program regardless of affiliation. However, combining it with full-time work or education without a gap year may be challenging.

Q. Are foreigners also eligible?

A. Applicants aged 19 or above, regardless of nationality, can apply. However, proficiency in Korean is essential because most sessions are conducted in Korean, and visa support is unavailable.

Need a 1:1 inquiry?

Please leave your inquiry on our KakaoChannel.

We will respond during weekday operating hours (10:00 - 17:00).

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