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Narin Kang, Seokhwan Go, Sangwoo Kim, Jungyeon Shin, Soyeon Lee, SeungJun Lee, Jisu Lee, Yeeun Choi

BISDAM is an app that helps daily conversations between hearing-impaired and hearing people.
Don’t worry, even if you experienced awkward pauses in conversations while using written language, or a situation where the hearing person is unfamiliar with reading written language, BISDAM is here to make those uncomfortable conversations flow more smoothly.
When you show the screen of a written message to the opponent, BISDAM will show what the hearing person is saying by converting the voice into text. You can replace a phrase that you frequently use into a text shortcut to quickly type in and check the history of the conversation you are having at the moment. You can also easily start a conversation by using the history which had located at the same place.
Whenever you are asking for directions, shopping, or ordering food, experience the ease of natural conversations with BISDAM in every moment of your daily life.

Used skills in this project

Accessibility, SpeechToText, CoreLocation, CoreHaptic, Widget

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