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Henry, Royce, Lily, ZENA, Flynn, GaOn

The Ultimate Team Collaboration Tool- Gridy

What does a true collaboration tool look like? What kind of tools will future generations prefer? Gridy is a product designed to answer these questions. It supports the collaborative process towards achieving goals in various ways.
Currently, in the Preview stage, Gridy optimizes the 'roadmapping' experience, often the first task in designing a project. It is used to sketch out the project blueprint and understand the current status. We have targeted this feature for market entry because we believe it is an area that other competing tools do not adequately address.
Using Gridy to create and modify project roadmaps can reduce the time spent by more than 90% compared to Excel. Colors that match the structure and hierarchy are automatically arranged, making the information easy to read and organized. Additionally, when it’s necessary to share information with someone, Gridy enables you to extract and present the data in an understandable way.

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SwiftUI, AppKit, Swift, Combine, macOS

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