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Anne, Chad, Coffee, Rin, Roki, Samuel, Yena, YongPalE

Introducing our sophisticated presentation enhancement application, highpitch, designed to deliver immediate, data-driven feedback to elevate the presenter's proficiency. Our software offers a comprehensive suite of functions for instantaneous feedback, encompassing intonation analysis, filler word detection, speech rate evaluation, and time management system. Moreover, we provide users with a comprehensive presentation analysis, offering in-depth insights into filler word usage and speech pace. Beyond feedback, our user-friendly menubar extra seamlessly transitions presenters into practice.
Furthermore, we present users with an interactive script, where each element is clickable, enabling users to playback the corresponding segments of their presentation. Elevate your presentation skills to the next level with our state-of-the-art application.

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macOS, SwiftUI, AppleScript, AppKit, SpeechToText, SwiftData, ScreenCaptureKit

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