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Sebin Kwon(Bini), Gagyung Geum(Miya), Heechan Moon(Eren), Jimin Yoo(Jamie), Junghyun Yoo(Junyoo), Suho Kim(Guardy), Sebin Park(Binu)

ONBOM shows a personalized contents based on user information, provides information proactively, creates documents for them to apply, sends reminders, and helps users find the nearest welfare centers.

We proposed a completely new approach in preparing documents for long-term care insurance classification applications. Upon receiving feedback from the head of the Long-Term Care Insurance Center and relevant authorities, we obtained a very positive response. Going beyond simply filling out forms, the method of dynamically adding and removing questions based on the user's situation, automatically, represents an area that was previously impossible with traditional document processing.

We leveraged the technology that Apple possesses to make this possible.

​프로젝트에서 활용된 키워드들

PDFKit, Vision, SwiftUI, AVFoundation

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