Who can attend?
The Academy welcome all applicants 19+ from any education background; coding skills are not required. Applicants from tech, design or other expertise are welcome to apply.
When does application period start?
There will be two batches for Cohort 2024, so applicants can choose either Batch 1 or Batch 2 according to their own schedule. 100 applicants will be accepted from each batch (around 200 in total), and there is no penalty of applying again.

  • Batch 1: April 28th (Fri) 2023 ~ June 12th (Mon) 2023
  • Batch 2: August 4th (Fri) 2023 ~ September 4th (Mon) 2023
How long is the program?
It is a 9 month program from March 2022 - December 2022. There will be 2 shifts available—Morning (9:00-13:00) and Afternoon (14:00-18:00) Monday through Friday. Participants are required to be at the Academy for 4 hours per day during the designated hours.
What does the assessment process look like?
Applicants will be invited to take an assessment test online. Furthermore, the Academy will conduct interviews, review portfolios and CVs.
What are the selection criterion for the program?
Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate, in both their applications and interviews, high quality of delivery, motivation to learn, and ability to collaborate. Highly motivated candidates are preferable.
What is the cost to attend the program?
A full scholarship will be awarded for successful applicants. In addition, a stipend will be provided. For out of province applicants, housing options will be available from POSTECH.
What is the curriculum/methodology at the Academy?
At the Academy, we believe that fostering motivation is the most successful way to learn. You will complete a series of group and individual challenges to identify and solve real world problems. Which problem to solve will be entirely up to you and your team, and our mentors will be guiding you through the process. Under the challenge based learning framework (https://www.challengebasedlearning.org) , you will achieve competencies in coding, design, apps marketing, and other professional skills.
How many people are accepted in each cohort?
How will the program adjust to the Pandemic?
The program is originally intended to be face to face. We are actively working with the local government to understand limitation in 2022. In the case that shut-down is required, the Academy will run as an online program.
Please contact developeracademy@postech.ac.kr if you need further assistance.
Can foreigners also apply?
The program is mainly in Korean. Anyone who qualifies the age restriction can participate as long as he/she can communicate in Korean. (The Academy do not provide any support for visa.)