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Q. What is the recruitment process?

A. The recruitment process consists of 1) application submission 2) online test 3) online interview. All applicants aged 19 and above, without any disqualifications for travelling abroad, who complete the application submission within the deadline, will be invited to take the online test. Online test details will be emailed to you within one week after the application deadline. Subsequently, only shortlisted candidates will be invited to the online interview, based on a comprehensive assessment of their application and online test scores.

Q. What are the selection criteria?

A. Successful applicants should be able to demonstrate, in both their applications and interviews, high quality of delivery, motivation to learn, and ability to collaborate. Highly motivated candidates are preferable.

Q. How many people are accepted in each cohort?

A. A total of approximately 200 people will be selected for each cohort, 100 for each batch.

Q. How do I fill out the application?

A. Please refer to the application guide on Academy’s official blog.

Q. What is expertise?

A. Expertise refers to the applicant's strengths tied to education, career, or extracurriculars at the time of application, categorized as tech, design, and domain (non-tech/non-design fields such as humanities, social studies, etc.).

Applicants are urged to showcase current strengths, not future interests. The selection is not limited to majors or work experience; applicants can freely express unique insights and experiences in a specific field.

Q. Is it possible to update my application after the deadline?

A. Any changes are not allowed after the submission deadline for fairness. Please submit and update your application in advance to avoid last-minute rushes.

Need a 1:1 inquiry?

Please leave your inquiry on our KakaoChannel.

We will respond during weekday operating hours (10:00 - 17:00).

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