Meet the Team!
Meet the team of Mentor and Operations, fully supporting the learning journey at Apple Developer Academy @ POSTECH.

We believe that everyone is a learner at the Academy!

Relish the opportunity to grow.

Director and Mentors
Jong-Hyeok Lee
The Maestro of Academy

Seongkwan Yoon
Lead Mentor (1st Year Program)
Captain Lingo Hook keeps your mind safe in his pirate ship

Minah Lee
Design Mentor
A designer, ordinary person striving for growth

Junmin Lee
Business Mentor
An early adopter who enjoys bringing great UX to the world

Jason Lee
Tech Mentor
An analyst who enjoys the process of solving problems

Minji Lee
Tech Mentor
An enthusiast who wants to become a life-long learner

Hyunho Lee
Tech Mentor
We’ll ask you a question you can find an answer to

Heejong Kang
Tech Mentor
Startup Developer, Coffee Lover, Bassist

Seulji Ku
Design Mentor
A problem solving designer with an artistic mind

Sujin Lee
Business Mentor
A business mentor who loves programming 👩‍💻

Eunyeong Kim
Tech Mentor
Hello, happy code review world 🐣

Saya Lee
Design Mentor
“Why” person, persistent observer, minimalist

Jisup Choi
Design Mentor
A story-loving UX planner
Sungno Lee
Design Mentor
Love technology
Darin Han
Design Mentor
Designer can patch the hole!
Saeyoung Jeong
Lead Mentor (2nd Year Program)
Prof. Jeong’s hands-on mentoring for accelerating global tech startups
Hyungseok Song
Sr. Business Mentor (2nd Year Program)
20 years of Serial Entrepreneur Sean’s Active Startup Mentoring
Haejong Yu
Operations Manager
Gatekeeper of the Academy & the Link to POSTECH
Eunjeong Kim
Marketing Manager
Academy Visual Director #unique #inspiring #bold dreamer!
Yeojin Lee
Financial Manager
Guardian of the Academy. Make your wish to Jinny!
Suyoung Baek
IT Engineer
Academy’s hidden power surrounded by machines
Sooyeon Park
Student Affairs
Mother of Academy’s learners
Onyu Kang
External Communications
Voice of the Academy. Any question is welcome!